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Why Hamptons style kitchens are still so popular

Leaf through any home renovation magazine and you’ll see that the Hamptons-style kitchen is still a perennial favourite. Many of our clients choose a Hamptons-style kitchen design because of its classic elegance.

The original Hamptons-style home came from the affluent East Coast of Long Island in the US. With it’s beach side vibe and open-plan layout, this style of décor has been whole-heartedly adopted by Australian homeowners.

What are the main features of a Hamptons style kitchen?

  • A light and bright colour scheme – Clean lines and pure white or neutral, light-coloured cabinetry, benchtops, and splashbacks typically feature in Hamptons-style kitchen.
  • Loads of natural light – Australians have always embraced the great outdoors. Welcoming light into our homes and the creation of an ‘indoor-outdoor’ feel has become an essential feature of our homes, including our kitchens.
  • Shaker-style cabinets – One of the key elements of the Hamptons style are the recessed panels in cabinets and doors. Often referred to as “rail and stile” design, they’re suitable for any sized kitchen and seem to never go out of fashion.
  • Modern materials – An Australian Hamptons-style kitchen is more likely than it’s original US counterpart to make ample use of contemporary materials and modern technology. Though the original Shaker-style kitchens featured vintage-inspired hardware (handles and latches) in brass or some other metallic finish, we’re seeing more inclusion of sleeker, modern type of hardware.
  • The subway tile as splashback – The classic white subway tile never goes out of fashion and works perfectly with the Hamptons aesthetic.
  • Open-style shelving – Creating a more casual, beachside feel, you’ll typically see open shelving or glass panels featured in a Hamptons-style kitchen.
  • A central island bench – There’s nothing like a spacious island bench for casual dining or for food preparation. Bench seating creates a convenient breakfast bar, great for families or busy singles having a quick bite to eat. It also gives you extra storage space for cookbooks, crockery, and kitchen utensils.
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