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As kitchen designers we’re constantly seeing new trends and some perennial styles that are making Australian homeowners happy to spend more time in their kitchen.


Open Plan Kitchen Designs – maintaining the flow

Open plan living continues to be a big design idea that flows through to the modern kitchen. Gone are the days of the cook of the house being out of sight, toiling away at the family meal. Modern kitchen design recognises that the kitchen should be the centre of a social interaction for the whole household and guests.


Keeping it simple

Minimalist design has always said ‘luxury’. Streamlining your kitchen design without making it look stark or cold takes careful planning. Smart storage solutions help to keep surfaces clear of clutter. Designing functional spaces using quality materials, clever engineering, and neutral colours (using white and pale timber finishes) helps create a simple, elegant, and timeless kitchen design.


The smart kitchen

Smart appliances and IoT (Internet of Things) technology is transforming the modern kitchen. Aiming to make life easier and give you more control, smart kitchen innovations are using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to read out recipes, adjust cooking temperature and timing, and remotely switch on appliances.


A sustainable kitchen

Designing your kitchen for sustainability can cover the type and durability of the materials you choose, using energy efficient appliances and lighting, in-built guided cooking apps, and making it easy to recycle and compost food and other materials. A well-built, custom-made kitchen can last a lifetime!


Lighting that makes a statement

Naturally, the lighting in your kitchen needs to be practical. But it can also make a statement. Including unusual and bold feature lighting in your new kitchen design can ‘lift’ the room and allow you to express your own individual style.


Be bold with colour

While a Scandinavian-style minimalist colour scheme (mostly stark white or grey) is still popular, we’re seeing more homeowners splashing out with a bit of colour. Kitchens featuring warmer tones or darker shades, as well as natural wood finishes on cabinetry and benchtops are becoming more popular.


When’s all said and done, choosing a kitchen design that matches your personal style and lifestyle is the most important thing. Use these trends as a guide but speak to the team at Designer Living Kitchens for ideas and advice about creating a kitchen you’ll be happy with.

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