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Kitchen benchtops – How to choose the right one for your kitchen

Your kitchen benchtop not only needs to look good, but it must also be easy to clean and able to survive the demands of a busy kitchen. 

There’s a wide choice of benchtop materials ranging from rustic butcher-block style benchtops to modern laminate made by leading Australian and international kitchen suppliers. Choosing the best one for your kitchen is a matter of personal taste and what will look the best with your style of kitchen.

What are the different types of kitchen benchtop materials?

These are the typical benchtop materials used in Australian kitchen designs: 

Polished concrete – for that ultra-modern, industrial look; as concrete is porous, we use a sealant to avoid staining and abrasion; can be prone to chipping.

Sealed granite – natural stone look; very durable and resists abrasion; a sealant helps resist staining; can be costly.

Quartz – engineered stone; looks natural and is more economical; good resistance to abrasion, staining, and heat damage; health and safety concerns during manufacture.  

Laminate – made from layers of paper over a chipboard, ply or MDF board; an economical benchtop material; available in a huge variety of colours and finishes; easy to clean; can be prone to heat damage if you’re not careful.

Marble – a premium benchtop material (when money is no object!); need to be careful not to leave hot pots on a marble surface to avoid leaving a white mark.

Stainless steel – creates a restaurant vibe; quite durable and hygienic; relatively stain- and rust-resistant; easily dented; shows up marks and fingerprints.

Natural wood – gives a rustic feel; can be sealed with oil; a softer surface, so avoid using harsh cleaning products to minimise surface damage; prone to scratching.

Ceramic tiles – an inexpensive option; available in a vast variety of colours, textures, and shapes; generally resistant to damage; can be difficult to clean (the grouting can become discoloured).

Talk to one of the Designer Living Kitchens team to discuss which kitchen benchtop will work for your home.

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