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Is your laundry cluttered and short on storage space? I hear you!

About our Laundry designs

The laundry often receives less love than other rooms in your home. But it’s one area where, with a bit of planning, you can design an attractive, practical space that works for you and your family.

Though kitchens are our specialty, the team at Designer Living Kitchens are also laundry experts. We’ve been creating high quality custom joinery for laundries in new home builds and renovations for ages.

Our free designer laundry service is here to help you create a laundry you’ll love!

One of our professional team will share samples and design ideas to help you with your laundry design.

Our 3D planning tool will help you visualise your perfect laundry layout.

Visit our showroom to discuss your options for cabinets, benchtops, colours, finishes, handles, sinks, and taps

Our top 9 tips for designing your dream laundry


Plan, plan, plan

We don’t have to tell you that being clear about what you want your new laundry to look like makes a huge difference to the final result.

– What’s not working for you in your current laundry?
– Are there aspects of your laundry that you find annoying and want to address in your renovation?
– Think about the size of your laundry. If it’s a small space, are you restricted on the type of appliances that will fit into the room?
– What about lighting? Is there enough in all the right spots?


Consider your laundry renovation budget

Before you design a laundry that the Kardashians would be proud of, consider your budget early in the piece. Having a bit of an idea of how much you can spend will guide you on the type of appliances, joinery, and accessories you can afford. Often this is a good time to get in touch with us for a ballpark quote.


Choose your appliances wisely

When it comes to appliances there are so many great products out there. These days washing machines and dryers are smart, energy efficient, and water saving. Buying laundry appliances that are reliable and do the job of cleaning and drying well, are essential.

Consumer organisation Choice often reviews the latest washers and dryers, so it’s worth checking out their website. Whether you’re considering top or front loaders, making sure your laundry appliances actually fit though the door and into the space allocated.


Build-in plenty of storage space

Laundries are home to all sorts of practical gadgets, linen, and cleaning products. If you can, plan a space for your iron and iron board, dirty washing, washing baskets, mops, and brooms, washing powder or liquid, and stain removers.

If you have the room, it’s great to include hideaway cupboards and drawers. This will keep your laundry workplace clear and uncluttered.

Taking advantage of the whole floor to ceiling space for cupboards to maximise your storage. But don’t forget, you might need a ladder to reach those top cupboards.


Let there be light!

If you have natural lighting that’s great, but often laundries are tucked away between other ‘more important’ rooms. That’s where you need dedicated task lighting so you can always see what you’re doing


A dedicated hanging space for ‘drip-dry’ or ironed garments

Having a build-in hanging space is a great idea if want to save energy on drying or if there’s drizzle outside.


A good exhaust fan to reduce condensation

A well ventilated laundry will reduce the incidence of mould developing in the moist air of your laundry. Look for exhaust fans that are quiet, energy efficient, and maintenance-free.


A laundry that’s functional AND stylish

Though hidden from view most of the time, there’s no reason why your laundry can’t look good. Most people opt for a clean, white look or use neutral colours on their cabinetry. You can then choose to contrast this with more colourful or wooden benchtops, splash-back, or tiles. The latest moisture-resistant laminates on doors, panels, and benchtops, are long-lasting and easy to clean.


What's your preference

Whether you’re looking for a fresh, contemporary design, a Hamptons-style laundry, a traditional or industrial look, it helps to research the type of laundry you’ll feel happy in.

Working with a small laundry design?

No worries! We love the challenge of making the most of a small laundry design. You’d be surprised what we can do with a small space.

Let’s get started on your dream laundry.
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