Designer Living Kitchens | Modular Kitchens; By Designer Living Kitchens
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Modular Kitchens; By Designer Living Kitchens

Modular Kitchens; By Designer Living Kitchens

Why buy a flat pack kitchen and have the hassle of building it, not to mention all the unwanted rubbish. When you could have a kitchen built for about the same price? How you ask.

There are two ways:

Firstly we have five design plans to choose from. If this doesn’t meet your needs then the second option may; (check out our online store)

Secondly are you prepared to do most of the leg work(picking of colours, design, etc)? Can you read a basic floor plan? Can you measure your room where you want your kitchen? Can you install your kitchen?

Simply click the contact us page and send us your details. We will reply back to you via email( Monday to Friday). Once you receive this email, send us your floor plan with some measurements and type of finish you want. We will price your job up. If your happy with the price we will then send you a computerised drawing for you to sign and send back. From here a deposit will be required and your job will be placed into our system, products ordered, cut, built and ready for pick up or delivery. Its that simple. (This pricing structure is for internet/email only)

Don’t feel confident in doing it yourself. No problems our friendly staff in our showrooms will be only to happy to help you.

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